With meticulous attention to detail and personal interaction, MediaZones provides owners of various events and rights-holders with the tools to drive forward sponsorship and expand its overall popularity and marketabiliy.

MediaZones also works to secure the best possible and accurate coverage, projecting the brand as a desirable, exciting and motivational.

This in turn has a powerful effect on the value of the deals negotiated via MediaZones with sponsors or advertisers for projection on the television or media channels showing the event(s).

Uniquely, MediaZones can also drive forward its operations through facilitating content for the media and for television, using its media-savvy and highly media-experienced team, within the highest journalistic ethics.   All media coverage will take place with the media aware of, and avoiding,  any conflict of interest.


In March 2016 MediaZones was appointed as the Media Advisor to the  SOUTH-EAST ASIAN AND MIDDLE EAST FORUM, whose major events usually take place in the Committee Rooms of the British Houses of Parliament.  It is described by its chairman as a niche-market think-tank, aimed at resolving conflicts in the Middle East and South-East Asia areas.

Its areas of interest range from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf, to Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and the Russian Federation.  Its gatherings are attended by British Parliamentarians, foreign policy-makers, senior diplomats, academics, leaders of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and members of relevant British government departments.

“We at MediaZones are very pleased that our special skills and expertise  will promote the brand and bring in commercial and professional sponsorship for these vital activities.  This will help contribute to the delicate tasks of diplomacy and financial advances that are vitally necessary for these sensitive and often troubled regions,” MediaZones CEO Paul Martin Cainer said.




Image result for international judo federation logoMediaZones has had a consultancy contract with the International Judo Federation (IJF), beginning in July 2015, renewed and expanded in January 2016 and completed  2018

Its agreement appointed MediaZones the IJF’s Consultant on Innovation, Media and Television.

  The 2015 Agreement stated that MediaZones will exercise the role of  “the expansion and strengthening of the media coverage of judo and its financial underpinning”.

Judo, a long-time Olympic sport, was described by the BBC website as “the most popular martial art in the world, with 13 million participants in 111 countries“, but receives a relatively small amount of publicity.

“The IJF has placed its faith in us to develop broadcast deals, including sponsorship and advertising, and to produce and package content that will suit broadcasters’ needs,” said Paul Martin Cainer, the CEO of MediaZones and SportZones.  “The overall objective is to provide the broadcasters with access to the actual sports events and also to provide insight for their viewers into the characters involved in judo, their personal backgrounds and motivations, the story of the teams competing in the  upcoming 2016 Olympics, the skills being exhibited, as well as into the proud history and pure values of this sport.”

Since this Agreement was signed, MediaZones secured a contract for the IJF with the British channel BT Sport, to add to the channel’s exclusive mix of Champions League football, Europa League football, and live international cricket.  MediaZones ensured that the broadcasts for a full year on BT Sport included three runs of  four half-hour slots within peak-time viewing, revolving around Judo’s World Championships.

After positive reaction to  its remodelled Special Highlights programming for the World Championships, MediaZones secured an agreement to provide BT Sport with Highlights programmes of all the International Judo Federation’s Grand Slam, Grand Prix and Masters events for the rest of 2015 and through 2016.

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