MediaZones is a world-pioneering brand in which experts who have worked in the top echelons of the media provide specialist advice for the strategic interests of its clients within the ethical standards of responsible journalism.

MediaZones also has the capacity and the experience arrange and, where there is no conflict of interest, to produce high-quality video and social media so as to bolster the client’s strategic interests. This is aimed at obtaining the best possible and most accurate media coverage for its clients within the highest journalistic ethics.  

All media coverage will take place with the media aware of, and avoiding,  any conflict of interest. 

Promotion includes advice on ways to develop and improve the  image of the client, and also to advise on

  • implementation
  • how to obtain the best media and television coverage and foster positive media coverage
  • how where necessary to prevent or limit any negativity being portrayed in all types of media.

Production, carefully avoiding any conflict of interest, of Media Content, can be in print, radio, television and social media, to support the client’s image and increase its footprint.

Television production has benefited clients through broadcasts on major international channels including the BBC and Britain’s top commercial broadcaster, Independent Television (ITV).  In June 2016 a MediaZones-initiated project, made in association with ITV’s most important foreign affairs programme “On Assignment”, was awarded two prestigious international  prizes.  Another film, made partially with the support of one of our Clients and partially funded by a national broadcaster, is up for another international award in 2018.

Other divisions of MediaZones include:

LawZones, which specialises in using the most effective legal means to promote the Client´s interests.  It is the combination of consultants’ experience as lawyers and as hands-on journalists that makes the brand so effective.

SportZones,  which provides owners of sporting events and rights-holders with the tools to drive forward sponsorship for the events.  SportZones also works to secure the best possible coverage of the sport, projecting it as an exciting and motivational brand.   This in turn has a powerful effect on the value of the deals negotiated, often via SportZones, with sponsors or advertisers.   Uniquely, SportZones can also promote the sport itself and increase revenue streams through facilitating and even producing and directing content for the media and for television.

CrisisControl, part of the MediaZones group, provides a strictly confidential set of services for Clients who face some form of crisis in the way they are being portrayed by the media – or who face dangers that may lead to negative or damaging media portrayals.