Here’s a summary of CrisisControl Managing-a-Crisis.

Each Client will be offered a choice of up to three of our most experienced Crisis Managers, or assigned the best choice for the problems at issue.  Two of our elite team have been international foreign correspondents and foreign editors for decades, while a third handled news from around the world for a major news broadcaster.

We know intimately how news can and will be portrayed; we know how, when, where and why to create news reportage, how to get it reported most favourably (or least unfavourably) for our Clients; and how to avoid the many pitfalls.  While expertly remaining within international and national legal boundaries, it’s our job and our passion to be fully committed to our Client’s point of view and the best courses of action.

Skilfully handled, a negative can sometimes become a positive.  Crisis management will ensure that the least possible damage is done, and even sometimes can turn the crisis to the company’s or the individual’s advantage.

Our experiences over decades  at the cutting edge of journalism enable us to advise our Clients on what to say or not to say, and how to adopt the most effective media tactics.  And the network of contacts we have built up ensures we know who can get us the best possible coverage and where and how it can best be placed.