**A recently acquired Client is  the prestigious SOUTH ASIA & MIDDLE EAST FORUM,  meeting inside the British Parliament on key issues affecting the relationship between Britain, the EU and South Asia and the Middle East.

**On behalf of an international sporting client, MediaZones secured a contract in July 2015 with the fast-rising British channel BT Sport,  for a sport it had never before broadcast.  The broadcasts on BT Sport, included eight half-hour slots within peak-time viewing in September and October 2015, revolving around its World Championships.

**MediaZones also supervised some of the content of the broadcasts so that the sport would ‘come alive’ and so that viewers would be more likely to be attracted to a sport with which they would be unfamiliar.  That included the creation of feature stories about the athletes.

One example of a very good “spot” was the story of an unknown Scandinavian athlete, desperate to qualify for the 2016 Olympics while being trained by his wife.  They had brought their very photogenic 3-year-old daughter into the training area, where she was filmed going into ‘combat’ with fellow-athletes! The athlete himself lost his contest in 19 seconds, but his indomitable spirit came through in the uplifting little video feature within the overall World Championships coverage.

Because of this World Championships success,  and because of the provision of a well-polished human-interest mix in combination with the actual contests, the BT Sport channel agreed to a new contract.  It broadcast the highlights of all the main competitions for late-2015 and the whole of 2016.

MediaZones also made sure one of the Olympic gold-medalists received extensive coverage on BBC World television in the run-up to the Games and soon after she won.  MediaZones is commissioned to make two films showing aspects of the sport, for worldwide distribution in 2017.